SitSmart Relief Seat

SitSmart Relief Seat

CLOTH POSTURE SEAT: SitSmart relieves lower back pain by improving your posture.  It provides all-day posture support to keep you feeling comfortable for hours. This simple posture corrector works in any type of seat, from office chair to car seats, even hard bleachers. Its patented design works by tilting your hips upright and comfortably floating your spine over the seat. ... Read More

RELIEF / Soft fabric covering for everyday use.
TRACTION / Soft fabric covering with gel for extra grip.
PRO GEL WITH MEMORY FOAM / Gel-infused memory foam for added comfort.


BackJoy® SitSmart is an innovative sitting device that naturally
relieves back pain by optimizing your sitting posture.

If you sit for long periods of time, posture support is key. SitSmart is a simple posture corrector
that restores the natural curvature of the spine to relieve lower back pain. Without SitSmart,
your muscles flatten and tense under your body weight, causing pain.

with BackJoy®

Improve your posture and make
life more comfortable.

Recomended Use

SitSmart works on any type of seat, including office chairs, car seats, and hard bleachers. You can even use SitSmart to Get Fit While You Sit®.


The only difference between the various SitSmart styles is the surface material that covers the seat. Regardless of which style you choose, your SitSmart will position your body in correct posture for all-day comfort.
• Relief: Soft fabric covering for everyday use. Great for home, office or car. Comes in black only.
• Traction: Soft fabric covering with an extra layer of traction grip on top. Comes in black only.
• Pro Gel w/ Memory Foam:Memory foam padding adds extra comfort and support. Surface is covered with soft, brushed fabric. Great for sitting longer at the office, home or car. Comes in black only.
• Posture Plus: Comfortable waterproof EVA covering for indoor or outdoor use. Great for office, car, bleachers or on-the-go. Comes in a variety of fun colors.
SitSmart Relief styles come in one size only (Adult). The Adult size fits adults 100 to 300 lbs. Because SitSmart is designed to cup the pelvis itself, not the soft tissue around it, the Adult size fits nearly all adults regardless of weight or height.

Your SitSmart seat must be smaller than your buttocks in order to work properly, meaning your SitSmart will still be effective even if your buttocks are slightly larger than the product.

First, make sure that you are sitting on top of your SitSmart and not using it propped up behind you. Changing your sitting posture can cause temporary discomfort – like going to the gym for the first time. Your body may need time to adjust and relax into the new posture that your SitSmart provides.
Yes! SitSmart works just as effectively on soft couches and car seats. It is important to note that when you sit down into the soft cushions of a couch, your gluteus muscles can stretch and flatten even more than they do when you sit on a hard chair. Such stretching and flattening can aggravate back pain, so it’s definitely beneficial to use your SitSmart while relaxing on the couch.
Many users experience immediate relief, and some require several weeks of regular use to feel the benefits of their SitSmart. If you don’t feel any change when you sit on your SitSmart, make sure you have closely followed the sitting instructions and your buttocks muscles are firmly cupped.
98% Satisfied Customers
92% Report more comfort
87% Report less pain

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